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Policies and Regulations

I. HR Policies

Ocean Hospitality & Service JSC (OCH) was established and put into operation in 2007 and OCH has become a strong and prestigious brand name in the field of hospitality investment.

In the trend of global integration, Ocean Hospitality regards human resource as a core element and a valuable asset. Therefore, the personnel policies of Ocean Hospitality was built with the intention to turn human resources into a special advantage to play a decisive role in the successful implementation of the strategic objectives set out.

Currently Ocean Hospitality’s managing, controlling, and operational staff are professionally qualified and highly professional, effectively working at headquarters, branches across the country.

II. Employment policies and employment

Principles of Ocean Hospitality recruitment is to select the best candidate to the appropriate location based on quality, ability, attitude, and experience of candidates, regardless of creed, religion or gender .

Employment Policy of Ocean Hospitality is giving the opportunity to work to become shareholders of Ocean Hospitality, creating a professional working environment which is equal to every individual to devote energy and talent. Therefore, recruiting, training, appointing, salary, bonus, etc has been standardized in the policy on employment of personnel as well as regulation on collective labor agreement between Ocean Hospitality and employees.

III. Training and policy development

Training and human resource development is the top priority of Ocean Hospitality. The goal is to build and develop staff expertise, professional standards of business ethics, professional working style and enthusiasm for the job.

IV. Salary and bonus

Salary and bonus mode for Ocean Hospitality’s employees are tied to business results and work quality of each employee performing assigned work. One year, employees receive a minimum of 13 months salary. In addition, employees are entitled to wages based on productivity and the completion level of the work; awards to units and individuals of the year, reward initiative; prize on the national holidays and Ocean Hospitality’s establishment anniversary, etc.

V. Allowances, social insurance

Ocean Hospitality’s official employees are entitled to social allowances in accordance with the Labor Law. In addition, employees also receive allowances under the regime such as responsibility allowances, hazardous or risky cash allowance, professional allowance, etc. . .

VI. Union activities and other policies

Trade unions, youth and social organizations are built and operated in accordance with the law. Ocean Hospitality regular activities are frequently organized to create a happy and friendly atmosphere in the company. Ocean Hospitality’s regimes for vacation, sightseeing, traveling, and staff uniforms have been set up and conducted every year. In addition, Ocean Hospitality have staff remuneration policies such as organizing periodic checkup and forming clubs under the Union, Youth Union, Women Union to improve health, family culture and arts, etc.

Ocean Hospitality focuses special attention on social aid and charity, and through which fostering the solidarity and mutual assistance among Ocean Hospitality staff and between the company and the society.

Ocean Hospitality.

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