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Announcement about OCH’s Annual General Meeting 2011

Thursday , 17/11/2011 - 5:33pm

Ocean Hospitality & Service JSC (OCH) invites shareholders to attend the annual general meeting  in 2011 with the contents in detail below:

1. Time: 9hh00 on 26/04/2011.

2. Venue: National Convention Center -  57 Pham Hung Street, Hanoi.

3. The contents of the agenda:

- Approve the activity report of Board of Management, Board of Supervisor, Board of Director and audited  financial report in 2010.

- Approve he remuneration in 2010 and 2011 of Board of Management and Board of Supervisor.

- Approve  the dividend distribution plan and how to use after-tax profit in 2010.

- Approve  the selection of auditor for fiscal year 2011.

- To approve to grant authority to  Board of Management who will be able to decide the following issues on a consistent basis with the interests of the Company:

+ The interim dividend in 2011, the advance time and date of list of shareholders entitled to dividends.

+ The decision to sell the trading assets of the Company or its subsidiaries or transactions are valued at 50% or more of the total asset value of the company and its subsidiaries recorded in the Company’s financial statements have been most recent audited.

+ The decision to buy back more than 10% a specific share.

+ Affiliate of the Company or the Company entered into contracts with those specified in Article 120.1 of the Law on Enterprises with a value equal to or greater than 20% of the total asset value of the company and its subsidiaries of the company recorded in the financial statements were audited last.

- Other content (with eligible requests of shareholders ).

4. Note:

- Shareholders who will attend the meeting proposed to bring your ID card or passport. In  case you are  authorized, please show your letter of attorney (Follow sent attorney form of OCH or download here).

- More documents for meeting : Reference here

Ocean Hospitality.

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