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Annual Shareholder’s Meeting of Tan Viet Joint stock Company

Sunday , 20/11/2011 - 1:40am

Tan Viet Joint Stock Company has hold an Annual shareholder’s meeting  2010 at Sunrise Nha Trang on the 23th of May to report and take the consultation of the General Shareholders on the results of investment and business activities in 2010 and the profit distribution plan in 2010 along with the direction of business development in 2011 and the the future plan

Accordingly, in 2010 the business results of the Sunrise hotel has a total revenue of $ 3,186,428, reaching 82% compared with the annual plan. Profit transferred to the Company is $ 874,616, 80% against the annual plan, occupancy rates reached 55.5%. In addition, all business activities of Tan Viet Joint stock Company with revenue of 68,667 billion, reaching 94% compared to the annual plan, profit before tax was 2,428 billion dong, profit after tax reached 1,802 billion VND . Currently OCH owns 126,720 shares of Hung Vuong company .

Some of the targets of business plan in 2011 set by Tan Viet Joint Stock Company :

For Company:

- Total revenue : 72,008,019,200 billion dong

- Profit before tax: 8,437,030,216 billion dong

- Profit after tax : : 6,327,772,019,200 billion dong

For Sunrise Hotel:

- Total revenue : 3,434,036 USD

- Revenues transferred to company : 1,081,212 USD

To achieve this goal, the major activities of company will focus on strengthening and developing sales and marketing to maintain sales at the highest level in the competitive situation which happens more and more intense in tourism market ,especially the segment of 4-5 star standard hotel in Nha Trang. The company will perform a programme for “the familiar customers”, increase revenue through saling online, preferential programs for potential tourism companies, strengthen brand identity , perform the marketing activities with international brand , diversified market with a small segment. Besides, with a favourable location, the company will expand investment in the hotel, bringing the total number of rooms, number of meeting rooms … to obtain the international standards of the facilities condition to compete with other hotels and developed in a sustainable way.

Ocean hospitality and service Joint Stock Company ( security bear : OCH) now owns amount of dominant shares at Tan Viet Joint Stock Company contributed capital of 40,96%.

For more information, please contact :

Phó Thiên Sơn (Michael)

M&A and Financial Investment Manager

Mobile: 0989.128.418.

Email: sonpt@oceangroup.vn

Ocean Hospitality.

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