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Delightedly welcome spring, joyfully bring home fortune

Monday , 26/12/2011 - 4:04am

On the occasion of New Year and Vietnamese Lunar New Year 2012, Ocean Bank has conducted a promotion program named “Delightedly welcome spring, joyfully bring home fortune” from 15/12/2011 to 13/3/2012, which offers customers numerous attractive prizes and gifts.

The program is applied to savings accounts in VND and USD (including term-end, periodical and before maturity (1 month and upwards) interest payment). With savings of at least VND 50 million or USD 5.000, customers will receive vouchers to win fabulous prizes:

- First prize: a VND 76.5-million trip to four European countries including France, Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium.

- 2 Second prizes: a VND 11-million trip to Hong Kong

- 1.000 Consolation prizes: a gift card worth VND 100.000 to exchange into cash.

First-prize and second-prize winners can choose to take the prize or convert it into cash equivalent to 80% of the prize’s value.

In addition, account holders will receive many valuable gifts:





VND 50 mn – below VND 100 mn/

USD 5.000 – below USD 10.000

1 raincoat and 01 gift card


VND 100 mn – below VND 300 mn/

USD 10.000  – below USD 30.000

1 raincoat and 02 gift cards


VND 300 mn – below VND 400 mn/

USD 30.000 – below USD 40.000

1 non-stick pan and 03 gift cards


VND 400 mn – below VND 1 bn/

USD 40.000 – below USD 100.000

1 non-stick pan and 04 gift cards


VND 1 bn – below VND 1,5 bn

USD 100.000– below USD 120.000

1 crystal vase and 05 gift cards


VND 1,5 bn – below VND 2 bn/

USD 120.000 – below USD 200.000

1 crystal vase and 06 gift cards


From VND 2 bn and above/

From USD 200.000 and above

1 set of inox saucepans and 07 gift cards

(*) The gifts may vary depending on each branch of Ocean Bank.

Participating in the program, the more money customers deposit, the more gifts they get. Each participant can receive many gifts and cards during the program period.

The program is launched with the purpose of expressing Ocean Bank’s gratitude towards customers. At the end of November, 2011 Ocean Bank’s earnings before tax are VND 625 billion. Ocean Bank’s 2011 goal is VND 65.000 billion in total assets, VND 59.000 billion in total capital, VND 800 billion in profit.

Ocean Hospitality.

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