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Introduce the project OCH Condotel StarCity Nha Trang

Thursday , 17/11/2011 - 5:57pm

On 14/4/2011, Ocean Hospitality & Service JSC (Stock code : OCH)  officially launched the project Condotel StarCity Nha Trang at StarCity Hotel Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City. This project belongs to a  4-star  chain of hotel of OCH with brand StarCity. This is an attractive opportunities for investors interested in niche real estate resort. StarCity Nha Trang is a 4 star hotel owns the most beautiful location at the Nha Trang Tran Phu, on 2.454m2 land area with 283 rooms including 66 apartments for condotel for those who want to own property to take effects to marine life. With just over 1 billion, investors will become the owner of the apartment hotel dreamlike 4 star standard, especially while they can enjoy and still exploit the long-term business performance.

Condotel StarCity Nha Trang is a combination of adequate utilities and community services such as swimming pools, multi-functional conference rooms, restaurants, spas, sports, banking, shopping … Here, the employer can drop into the sea spirit relax, relax, escape the chaos of everyday life to enjoy a new special in the open space facing the sea. Moreover, the apartment owners will use the StarCity Nha Trang luxury services such as hotel cleaning, laundry, equipment repair and maintenance of the apartment … no need to worry as the property of I stay away from.

StarCity Nha Trang applied trust model for managing rental property (timeshare) – very popular model overseas. With this model, apartment owners will sign the contract entrusted to the management and exploitation OCH apartment while not in use, ensure economic benefits for their properties. Thus, the apartment owner StarCity Nha Trang achieve multiple values ​​at once: long-term ownership of real estate class to enjoy life with his family in the holiday but still increase profits from the lease property while not using, and benefiting from growth in property values ​​in the future.

If you need more information, please contact:

Ms. Tran Thi Diem Hang

PR & Marketing Division

Hotels Corporation and Ocean Services

Phone: 04.3772.7252 / 0932258659

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