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OCH contract hotel management in Lao Cai Lao Cai brand StarCity

Sunday , 20/11/2011 - 2:06am

On 11/7/2011, Ocean Group and Joint Venture Lao Cai International Hotel to the signing of the loan contract and hotel management contracts for construction projects standard hotel 4 stars and international consortium of entertainment in the city of Lao Cai.

The project is located on 4.5 ha land area falls 6, Kim Tan ward, in the heart of the city of Lao Cai – tourist gateway to Sapa, a total investment of Phase I is 299 billion, of which 60 % (equivalent to 180 billion) Oceanic Bank (Ocean Bank) – 1 in the top 10 joint stock banks in Vietnam Group Ocean Group, pledging to implement the project.

This project has beautiful architecture and contemporary with the building items such as hotels with 12 floors, with many rooms, massage area, karaoke, sauna, theaters, amusement parks in the parks, water parks, outdoor sports and games thrills, entertainment and prize-attractive services. With the transportation system, including rail, road and air is coming increasingly to be upgraded and improved, along with a prime location near the international border with China and is the gateway to the resort Sapa famous, and with varied scale of the project, the project will be more promising growth potential.

The project is expected to be completed late in 2013, will meet both domestic and international travel needs, resorts, entertainment increasing current. This condition is to attract tourists to Lao Cai more, will create many job opportunities for local workers and contribute to the state budget of 100 billion per year.

In addition, joint-stock companies and hotel Ocean Service (MCK: OCH) was selected as the hotel manager for this project, the project will be expected to use the trademark “Lao Cai StarCity Hotel”. StarCity was one of the luxury hotel brand of the OCH is currently being used in Ho Chi Minh and Ha Long. OCH is the investment company and hotel chain management professional and the signing of this contract is a guarantee for the success of the project later.

Attending the signing ceremony, the Ocean Group in the presence of Mr. Vice Tian Shan – Acting General Director of JSC Hotel Ocean Service, Pham Dinh Yen – Deputy Director of Ocean Bank Hanoi Branch, along with the presence of representatives of the Lao Cai Mr. Doan Van Huong – Standing Vice President of Lao Cai.

Ocean Hospitality.

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