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OGC held successfully Annual General Meeting 2011

Friday , 18/11/2011 - 8:40am

On 22/04/2011,  Ocean Group  (stock code OGC)  held successfully  Annual General Meeting  2011 with participation of shareholders who possess around  84% shares of the OGC. OGC’s Business result was made great strides  in the context of Vietnam’s  and the world economic was unfavorable  fluctuation. Accordingly, Company turnover  increased 6 times compared with 2009 which achieved 1,568 billion,reaching $ 2,258 billion  including sales and real estate activities . Pre-tax profit of the Company reached 785 billion, up more than 16 times higher than in 2009. Capital gain per share of  OCH reached 2,558 VND, up more than 3 times higher than in 2009. Regarding the efficiency of investment, Return on Equity (ROE) reached 23.8%, reflects the effective use of capital in the business of the Company.

At Annual General Meeting , Shareholders approved a number of basic targets for  2011 as below :

In 2010, OGC has 10% dividend in cash and bonus share  at the rate 5 / 1.

Ocean Hospitality.

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