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The Decision of transfering shares of Trang Tien Joint Stock Company

Thursday , 17/11/2011 - 2:10pm

Based on:

- Business Law in 2005;

- OCH’s Regulation.

- Considering the actual operation of the Company.

- Minutes Meeting of the Board of Management of OCH on 21/01/2011.

On 21/01/2011, the Board of Management of OCH  has approved the 01/QD-HDQT decision about  being transferred shares of  Trang Tien JSC.

- Issuers: Trang Tien Joint Stock Company.

- Type of shares: Ordinary shar.

- The face value of each share: 10,000 (ten thousand) VND.

- Total number of shares transferred: 634,700 (six hundred three thousand seven hundred) shares;

- The total face value of shares: 6,347,000,000 (six billion three hundred forty seven million) which is equivalent to  99.17% of charter capital of Trang Tien JSC.

Mr. Ha Van Tham – Chairman of the Board of Management of OCH  signed this decision on 21/01/2011.

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